30th and 30ish

What did you do for your 30th birthday (If you've even had one)?

I invited a long list of friends out to have drinks and dance, but a massive blizzard hit our city and only 4 showed up... we ate chicken and donuts at #HaveMercy and may have had one or two shots of tequila. Nothing fancy, but we still had a good time, as always.

Fast forward two years....

I couldn't make it out to Bailey's event because I was throwing a bachelorette/going away party for my sister. When Cody arrived at the scene of this combined 30th and 34th birthday, he sent me some serious envy-inducing Snaps

The party was catered by personal sushi chef #SushiByVinh. Cody is generally not a fan of sushi, but after tasting the sushi at this party, he would not stop talking about how delicious it was and how fresh it tasted. I'm not even kidding, he suddenly turned into a food critic and praised Vinh's mad skills non-stop.

See? Told you.

They also had a DJ and some shirtless dudes, which alone makes this party 10 million times better than my tame little 30th soiree.

While I am jealous I missed out on this event, I know Cody held it down. After hearing his recount of the night, I couldn't help but think how lucky we are to run this business together and to be able to party for a living #blessed.

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