Party with the Ohe's - Okay!!

Whatever the opposite of a #Bridezilla is, that is Brit Ohe. Bride-Chilla?

The Ohe's

"Do you want to put on your own music? Do you need a drink?"

Aren't these questions we should be asking the #newlyweds, rather than them asking us? Seriously, the only question I can ask the Ohe's after having our #photobooth at their #wedding reception is, "did it hurt when you fell from heaven?"

The guests were fun, the vibe was chill and the evening snack was POUTINE. We had a blast and the photos turned out so good because everyone was in such a good mood.

As always, we loved getting cute compliments from strangers like "are you two in love? I can tell". If you have us at your event, I think we may start taking compliments as payment.

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