Denim + Diamonds

"It was such a pleasure seeing both of you enjoy yourselves on the dance floor" - Colleen Zimmerman, event organizer

Hospital staff partying hard

LCHF Puts the FUN in Fundraiser...

When we get invited to fundraisers, we put on our serious faces because we have the utmost respect for organizations that do hard work to help those in need. But something we have learned along the way is that those who work hard, party hard. The photos will explain everything...

Executive Director Colleen Zimmerman + CFCW Radio Personality Stella Stevens

One highlight from the night was meeting the "Red Hat Ladies". Basically, this is a crew of women who get together to party as much as possible. They told us the story of meeting up with a bunch of other RHL's in Vegas but gave us little details other than they really turnt up. They invited us to set up the photo booth at their next gathering in 2020. I don't know if I should be excited or afraid, but I'm a little bit of both and I'm into it.

Infamous "Red Hat Ladies", do not be deceived by their innocent looks.

Dance Floor Divas

Second, we got to bust a few moves to some CCR after seeing John Fogerty live the previous weekend, so that was a treat. But the best treat of all was when Colleen commented on our Instagram post about our dance moves. We are suckers for compliments, keep 'em coming!

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